Pre-engineering and technical consulting

At Progmatic, we support pre-engineering to ensure that the project can start quickly and run smoothly.

  • Quick response, the right people, shortened lead time, smooth startup.
  • Purposeful, structured, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Pre-engineering creates the foundation for successful long-term solutions.

More than 40 years of expertise and experience

100+ projects per year

Loyal customers choose Progmatic for decades

Outsource pre-engineering

Outsourcing of consulting and engineering can offer significant benefits. You can leverage specialized knowledge and experience, optimizing project efficiency and accelerating delivery. It enables you to focus on your core activities while professional guidance minimizes risks and yields cost savings. Flexibility in responding to changes and avoiding internal recruitment costs are additional advantages. Quality assurance, time savings, innovative approaches, and, above all, peace of mind by relying on professional expertise make outsourcing a strategic choice for successful industrial automation implementations.

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What do others think of Progmatic?

Our goal is to turn every customer into a Progmatic fan. Here are three examples:

Advantage of Progmatic

With over 40 years of experience, Progmatic distinguishes itself through a practical and pragmatic approach, focusing directly on the end goal without unnecessary details. Our dedicated colleagues bring specialized knowledge and experience, providing unique value by staying focused on delivering results. We do not believe in creating excessive paperwork and reports without practical purpose. With over 100 successful projects annually, we leverage our proven expertise to ensure a thoughtful start even under time constraints. Our customized approach is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Our method

During our realization process, we use the V-model as a guideline for validation in every phase. This means we jointly maintain control over each delivered part and can make timely adjustments if necessary. We cordially invite you to join us during this development process. Our goal is to relieve you as much as possible and to involve all stakeholders in important decision moments. In this way we guarantee a transparent and professional working method.


Together we go through which problems we are going to solve and which products are needed and desired.

To design

We make a design that we agree on in advance so that together we can be sure that we will make what is needed.

To work out

The submitted design is translated into products, after which we test them together through a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).


The delivered products are put into operation and tested through a Site Acceptance Test (SAT).


After an evaluation period, we will discuss together whether there are any areas for improvement or additional wishes.”

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pre-Engineering

  • What is pre-engineering?

    Pre-engineering is the phase in which we prepare and plan your project before the actual execution begins.

  • Why is pre-engineering important?

    It sets a solid foundation, shortens project time, and minimizes risks, thereby promoting success.

  • How does pre-engineering help with cost control?

    It identifies potential challenges and optimizes processes, reducing unexpected costs.

  • What makes Progmatic unique in pre-engineering?

    With 40+ years of experience and proven results, we are experts in efficiently preparing various projects, and with our commitment, we completely relieve you of worries.

  • How does Progmatic pre-engineering fit my needs?

    Our approach is tailored to your specific project needs for maximum effectiveness.

  • Why choose Progmatic's technical consulting?

    For decades, customers have relied on our expertise and dedicated technical consulting for sustainable success. Our colleagues are committed and deliver what you need.

  • "What if I don't know how to start my project?"

    Progmatic offers guidance for those who don’t know their way around, with a structured approach for a smooth start.

  • Can I combine pre-engineering with my own project management?

    Certainly, we work with your team to seamlessly integrate pre-engineering into your project management.

  • How does pre-engineering contribute to long-term success?

    It provides a solid foundation, minimizes risks and guarantees a sustainable and successful execution of your project.

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