Panel building

Are you looking for full management of control systems, including panel building and wiring, with responsibility remaining with one party?

  • In addition to the wiring test, a functional test is also performed.
  • Complete responsibility for the entire control system.
  • Validation by the quality division ensures compliance with standards and requirements.

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Panel building at Progmatic

As part of our comprehensive solutions, panel building is crucially important. We have accumulated extensive expertise across various sectors, resulting in craftsmanship in the design, assembly, and finalization of control cabinets. Experienced technicians ensure that each component is configured and integrated with precision.

By meeting applicable standards and requirements and using high-quality components, our control cabinets offer reliability.

Before delivery of the control cabinets, our quality division conducts thorough wiring tests to ensure every connection is correctly made, as well as a functional test. During the functional test, for example, a motor is connected to the frequency converter, parameters are set, and the network is operated. This enhances quality and reduces onsite startup time.


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We relieve you by taking full responsibility for panel building, from design to realization. Our quality division ensures compliance with applicable standards and requirements, in addition to conducting functional and wiring tests.

Panel building at Progmatic guarantees not only high quality but also solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability.


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Our method

During our realization process, we use the V-model as a guideline for validation in every phase. This means we jointly maintain control over each delivered part and can make timely adjustments if necessary. We cordially invite you to join us during this development process. Our goal is to relieve you as much as possible and to involve all stakeholders in important decision moments. In this way we guarantee a transparent and professional working method.


Together we go through which problems we are going to solve and which products are needed and desired.

To design

We make a design that we agree on in advance so that together we can be sure that we will make what is needed.

To work out

The submitted design is translated into products, after which we test them together through a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).


The delivered products are put into operation and tested through a Site Acceptance Test (SAT).


After an evaluation period, we will discuss together whether there are any areas for improvement or additional wishes.”

Frequently asked questions about Panel building

  • To which standards do the panels comply?

    All panels comply with the requirements of the CE marking and adhere to NEN-EN-IEC 61439 and NEN-EN-IEC 60204 standards.

  • How is the safety of an electrical panel ensured at your company?

    Safety is ensured through the selection of suitable materials, the implementation of appropriate safety measures, and compliance with applicable standards.

  • How are the panels and control cabinets tested?

    The power supply voltage to the panels and control cabinets is turned on to enable functional testing. This means we not only check for connections but also verify the correct operation of all components.

  • Do you take future expansion into account when designing control cabinets?

    By designing modularly and reserving space for potential expansions, we ensure flexibility for the future.

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