Risk Assessment & Evaluation

Do you need assistance identifying and reducing risks within your company? Contact us! At Progmatic, we are ready to help you create a safe working environment.

  • A practical approach with an action plan and potential budgeting.
  • A safe working environment for your employees and visitors, taking legal requirements into account.
  • Ability to implement electrical and control measures for you.

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Risk Assessment & Evaluation

Most companies place a high importance on a safe working environment, but how do you put this into practice and comply with laws and regulations?

Many companies struggle to find the time and expertise to actively implement a safety policy. You may have already conducted an assessment, but it lacked practical solutions for risk reduction.

If you don’t want or cannot first delve into the associated regulations and need a practical approach with possible solutions, we can help you.

We conduct the risk assessment at your company location. Beforehand, you discuss your situation and wishes with our safety expert, and we walk through your company together, assessing and discussing specific issues. We conduct the risk assessment together with you and your production employees, after which we work out a report that we review together and, if desired, follow up with an action plan.

The Progmatic approach

Outsourcing your Risk Assessment & Evaluation (RAE) needs to Progmatic offers significant benefits.

  • We offer a practical approach with a clear action plan and, if necessary, budgeting. This saves you time and effort in complying with complex laws and regulations.
  • Additionally, we support you in ensuring a safe work environment and can implement electrical and control measures for you.
  • Our Risk Assessment & Evaluation minimize risks and enhance workplace safety. This results in a worry-free, safe, and more productive work environment.

Our method

During our realization process, we follow the V-model as a guideline for validation in each phase. This allows us to collectively maintain control over each delivered component and enables us to make timely adjustments if necessary. We warmly invite you to join us throughout this development journey. Our goal is to relieve you as much as possible and to involve all stakeholders in key decision points. In this way, we ensure a transparent and professional approach.

To inventory

Together, we review which machine parts or processes we will assess and what risks are involved.


Using available information and applicable standards to customize the inventory.


Performing the RI&E on-site with your support.


Elaborating on the findings of the RI&E in a clear report.


Together, discuss the report and plan of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE)?

    RAE is a systematic process aimed at identifying all safety and health risks within an organization and evaluating the extent of these risks. It is a fundamental step in creating a safer workplace.

  • Who is responsible for conducting a RAE?

    The employer is responsible for conducting the Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE). In some cases, the employer may delegate this task to an internal or external safety specialist, but the ultimate responsibility remains with the employer.

  • Is a RAE legally required?

    Yes, in most countries, it is legally required for companies with employees to conduct a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE).

  • How often should a RAE be updated?

    A RAE should be updated when significant changes in business operations occur, or at least once every three to four years, to ensure it still reflects the current situation in the company.

  • How is a RAE conducted?

    Conducting a RAE involves gathering information about work processes, identifying hazards, assessing risks, and developing an action plan to control the risks.

  • What is the Action Plan in a RAE?

    The Action Plan is a part of the Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE) where the measures to reduce or eliminate the identified risks are described. It also includes a timeline and identifies who is responsible for implementing the measures.

  • How do you involve employees in a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE)?

    Employees can be involved by consulting them during the inventory process, soliciting feedback on proposed measures, and informing them about the findings and the Action Plan. Active involvement increases awareness and the effectiveness of the Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RAE).

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