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Do you prefer a no-nonsense approach to safety, reliability, and availability of installations under harsh conditions? Progmatic is here for you!

  • Practical and flexible setup of your controls
  • A lot of knowledge and experience with sand and gravelRaw materials are becoming increasingly scarce.
  • Fast, practical support by experienced technicians

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Diversity of complex processes

Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. This automatically means that there is growing pressure on the extraction, sorting, and classification of materials such as sand and gravel. Mining also continuously presents new challenges for the experienced engineers at Progmatic.

For over 35 years, Progmatic has been providing comprehensive solutions for mining control. This includes engineering, panel building for control cabinets, installation wiring, and writing PLC and visualization software. It also involves commissioning and maintaining installations and developing specific software for applications such as sand dredgers, standalone classification systems, inline blending, complete sand and gravel installations, and loading systems for sand and gravel.

Optimal end product with minimal product loss

In mining, conserving scarce and valuable resources during extraction and processing is becoming increasingly important. Progmatic contributes to this goal by developing smart automation solutions and new measurement techniques to achieve an optimal end product with minimal product loss. For this purpose, we have developed IPS Sand Edition, a set of software tools.

SE Preference

If multiple end products need to be produced, each with its own recipe, the SE Preference module makes it possible to automatically produce multiple products from the fraction silos and prioritize production accordingly.

SE Preference +

In case of a temporary shortage of a specific fraction, the system automatically switches to another recipe that can be produced in the meantime. Once the shortage is replenished, the respective batch is completed. All of this is done without any intervention from the operator.

SE Blend optimizer

Another tool developed by Progmatic for the Mining industry is the SE Blend optimizer. With this tool, the optimal composition to meet the requirements of the end product is determined based on the analysis of the produced fractions. By applying smart automation, less waste is generated, and the installations operate autonomously to achieve maximum efficiency. Of course, mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones are also used for remote monitoring and operation.

What do others think of Progmatic?

Our goal is to turn every customer into a Progmatic fan. Here are three examples:

Bij Dekker Grondstoffen hechten we er groot belang aan dat onze installaties betrouwbaar functioneren. Software is daar een steeds belangrijker onderdeel van. De installaties worden groter en complexer en daarbij ook de software die de machines draaiende houdt.

De lange geschiedenis van Progmatic in de zand- en grindwereld maakt dan ook dat er veel kennis en ervaring is opgebouwd en men ook ‘onze’ taal spreekt. Die kennis en know-how van Progmatic is voor ons van grote waarde om onze installaties op een juiste manier te laten functioneren en up-to date te houden.
Doordat de lijnen kort zijn en men begrijpt waar we het over hebben is de toegankelijkheid bij Progmatic erg hoog. Hierdoor kunnen we samen problemen gericht beetpakken en oplossingen bedenken en toepassen.

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Sebastiaan de Ruiter - Technische Dienst

De expertise van Progmatic is ongeëvenaard. Ze zijn altijd bereikbaar en toegankelijk, en overtreffen consequent onze verwachtingen. Wat ons echt aanspreekt, is de geboden loyaliteit en het vertrouwen. Progmatic is niet alleen een dienstverlener maar een betrouwbare partner. We waarderen de uitstekende service en genieten van een succesvolle samenwerking.

Gerrit van Dijk - Directeur

Wij zijn blij met Progmatic als leverancier/partner in onze projecten. Als IHC Mining werken we graag met Progmatic i.v.m. het meedenken van de medewerkers, het invullen van diverse vragen voor onze projecten, het uit handen nemen van de noodzaak om de sterk wisselende software wereld bij te houden en de garantie dat vragen door het Progmatic team altijd ingevuld worden.

Het eerste project met IHC was in 2009 met de besturing systemen van de HV frequentieregelaars en de energiedistributie a/b grootste baggerschip ooit gebouwd in Nederland.
Over de jaren tot nu is Progmatic meerdere malen de partner geweest voor het software en controle deel in zowel kortdurende als meerjarige projecten verspreid over de wereld.

Door samen te werken met Progmatic kunnen we bij IHC Mining meer projecten aannemen en ook meer en sneller innoveren in onze wereld van “mineral processing, wet dredge mining en “Deep Sea Research and Mining”.

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Rian Rotteveel - Senior Development Engineer

Some of the customers we are proud of in the mining market:

Why automate with Progmatic?

At Progmatic, we understand that safety, reliability, and availability are crucial in the harsh conditions of the mining sector. With over 40 years of experience, we deliver advanced control solutions for sand and gravel installations. Our innovative automation techniques minimize product loss and optimize the end product. Additionally, our experienced technicians are ready to provide fast, effective support. Choose Progmatic for a future-oriented partner in mining automation.

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Some frequently asked questions about mining and sand and gravel

  • Can you also integrate control systems from other brands into your visualizations, such as belt weighers?

    Yes, Progmatic has extensive experience integrating commonly used applications in mining. By using data intelligently, the installation becomes more efficient. More monitoring means a better-performing installation.

  • Do your technicians have knowledge of our specific processes?

    Absolutely, with about 35 years of experience in mining, Progmatic has extensive knowledge that continues to grow. This experience enables us to assist you from design to implementation and maintenance while considering your specific processes.

  • Can we rely on your support for malfunctions, given that our installations produce a lot and cannot afford long downtimes?

    Progmatic ensures a secure connection for every control system, allowing us to provide remote assistance whenever needed. With our 24-hour emergency service, we are always ready to quickly resolve any malfunctions.

  • Is Progmatic able to develop customized software to meet specific needs?

    Yes, our team specializes in combining standard modules to create customized software solutions. This approach allows us to flexibly and efficiently meet the unique requirements and processes of your operation while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

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