Energy savings and Sustainability

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  • Insight into the effectiveness of measures by measuring energy performance
  • Effective data connection of different systems to maximize savings
  • Cost reduction through energy saving approach

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Energy savings and sustainability offer numerous benefits to the industry. They result in lower costs and a better environment, which is widely acknowledged. We understand that energy savings and sustainability play a crucial role in modern industries.

We believe in measuring to improve. By measuring and analyzing energy performance, we provide valuable insights into energy consumption within your organization. This enables both you and us to take targeted actions to enhance energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. Continuously measuring energy consumption after implementing energy-saving measures allows us to track the effectiveness of these initiatives clearly.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are closely interconnected. When an organization commits to sustainability and CSR, it contributes to a sustainable future for current and future generations. Progmatic assists you with CSR and finding sustainable solutions for your production processes. We achieve this by exploring energy-efficient solutions when designing new automation solutions or replacing existing controls. Consider, for example, the application of new variable frequency drives (VFDs), that are becoming increasingly efficient.


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What do others think of Progmatic?

Our goal is to turn every customer into a Progmatic fan. Here are three examples:

Some examples

  • Expertise: Progmatic has experience in monitoring your energy consumption, providing insights into major consumers and the impact of any sustainability measures.
  • Integration of control systems: Thanks to our deep knowledge of control systems, we can analyze information to achieve maximum energy savings.
  • Cost saving: Our energy-saving approach is focused on delivering measurable results and a positive Return on Investment, providing cost savings and long-term sustainable benefits.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can Progmatic help me measure energy performance?

    Progmatic assists clients in measuring their energy performance by implementing monitoring solutions that provide insights into energy consumption and system performance.

  • Can my control systems be interconnected?

    Yes, Progmatic can link control systems to energy-saving measures by collecting and analyzing data, allowing systems to be controlled more efficiently.

  • How can customers benefit from Progmatic's long-term sustainability approach?

    Customers can benefit long-term from Progmatic’s sustainability approach through increased operational efficiency, lower energy costs and reduced environmental impact.

  • What are the trends?

    Progmatic sees trends such as the rise of IoT, smart sensor technologies, and data analytics that promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the automation sector.

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