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At the request of Tenderworks, Progmatic has developed an advanced control for the controlled opening and closing of glass roofs and doors for tenders. A tender is a very luxurious sloop that can be used to take the owners and guests staying on a superyacht to and from the port.

What could be more fun than fully opening this sloop like a convertible when the weather is nice and enjoying the sun and the sea breeze in your hair? If the weather is bad or it gets cooler in the evening, the sloop can be closed completely wind- and waterproof and you can sail comfortably and warmly.

The glass sliding panels are opened and closed by servo motors. The controls can be monitored and maintained remotely. A log is kept of measuring signals and any alarms, all using an internet connection. This makes it possible for the yard to prevent malfunctions and plan preventive maintenance.
After all, the tender must be on standby 24/7 in case a trip ashore is required.

We don’t automatically do what you ask, but then what?

At Progmatic we like to develop sustainable solutions that are 100% in line with the actual needs and personal wishes and requirements of our customers. This means that, based on our expertise and years of experience in the field of business automation, we do not blindly do what you ask. We always look at the specific question from the broadest possible perspective and, based on our findings, provide concrete advice/proposal that will make you and us happy.

All expertise in-house

In addition to devising, developing and implementing turn-key automation solutions, we at Progmatic pay a lot of attention to innovation and the continuous development of the hardware and software for your industrial automation. Our designers, engineers and developers continuously update their professional knowledge and in turn share the know-how with colleagues and our customers. Sharing knowledge and experience ensures sustainable cooperation and keeps your business automation always up to date in the future!


Smart automation for the food industry “That's a piece of cake for Progmatic!

Hardly any industry places such high demands on production and packaging as the food industry. Through engineering, development, installation and service of smart automation solutions, Progmatic has been making an important contribution to fast, cost-efficient and, above all, food-safe processing of foodstuffs for many years.

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